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"The whole idea of living is to believe the best is yet to be."
~Peter Ustinov

"If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for the moment."
~Georgia O'Keefe

About the StarDancer Studio

StarDancer is a Center for the Enrichment of Mind, Body and Spirit. The Mission of StarDancer is to assist and to serve in a capacity that will help to expand and uplift the consciousness of planet earth and all beings living here. To encourage, motivate and inspire personal growth and radiance of Spirit. To help you live life passionately, while discovering joy, inner peace and freedom!!! StarDancer is owned and run by Malia Lesavage.

About Malia
Malia Lesavage has been working with Sound and the Voice since 1994. After experiencing a tremendous emotional release and healing while taking a class "Free to Sing" she realized the power that sound had on the emotional and physical bodies. Starting in 2000, she has studied with Karina Schelde, who is an internationally known teacher and pioneer of Sound Healing Techniques. After a year of training was certified as a Professional Voice and Sound Healer Practitioner and Teacher.

Malia has been working energetically doing healing work for the last 25 years and incorporates several healing modalities to customize her own personal technique for healing.

A lifetime of research and study, has brought her to the threshold of this new/ancient healing form of Sound Healing.

"My goal is to help assist people recognize the innate spiritual qualities that are in all of us, the qualities that are waiting to be discovered and used for self healing and transformation. As we raise our consciousness and vibration, we raise the consciousness of the Planet."

Background and Studies:

  • Professional Voice & Sound Healer Educational Training & Certification Program with Karina Schelde.
  • "Free to Sing" and "Advance Free to Sing" taught by Sadia Deveraux
  • Certified by Denise Linn as an Interior Alignment and Instinctive Feng Shui Practitioner.
  • Studied psychic and spiritual healing with Philippine psychic surgeon Rev. Joseph Martinez.
  • Graduate of The Silva Method.
  • Malia graduated from the Amer-asian Institute on Maui, Hawaii and was licensed in Acupuncture.
  • In Tahoe, California studied psychic development and spiritual healing for two years at The 4th Center for Creative Learning.
  • Studied Rebirthing at Campbell's Hot Springs while living in Northern California.
  • Studied yoga, meditation, fasting and Hindu philosophy while living at Moksha Ashrum in San Francisco, California.
  • 2 years of vocal training with Ella Washington in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    Recently completed a 6 month training "Creative Life Series" at Transformations, Inc. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin which focused on the Mind-Body-Spirit connection and expanded awareness in different areas of life.

Malia's background also includes: Reflexology, Massage, Ortho-bionomy, Reiki, Sacred Spaces Cranial-Sacral Therapy among many others.


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-I am Divinely guided throughout the day.
And I trust the process of life.-

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