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"They can conquer who believe they can."
~John Dryden

"The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart."
~Helen Keller

Sound Healing Sessions

One on one session in person:
Healing sessions can be given on a personal "in person" basis. We will begin the session by discussing the reason for wanting a healing session. Answering a few questions will help to clarify and facilitate the process of deciding what the "intention" will be for the healing. After focusing in on the intention we will then formulate an affirmation to be used during the healing session. Understanding the focus, directs the healing vibrations to that particular area or areas. This is similar to how a laser beam works. The more focused the energy the more potent and powerfully it works in creating the desired changes. After setting the framework or basis, the healing session begins. You are laying in a relaxed, comfortable position focused on your breath and your intention. Throughout the treatment an intuitive connection is made with your higher self so that the energies being channeled are exactly what your soul and spirit is calling for. After the healing session we will share experiences and suggestions will be made to further the healing process. The energies channeled during the healing session will continue to unfold for a number of days afterwards. As seeds being planted in fertile earth and nourished by the elements, will in time, produce luscious, nourishing fruit.

Distance healings via phone:
Healing sessions can be given by phone. Healing energies and vibrations can transmit anywhere, any time and are just as affective as if we were together in person. The process description is the same as if you were receiving a healing session in person. (refer to: One on one sessions in person)

Group healing/meditation sessions:
Meditation in a group setting can be a profound way of experiencing higher levels of consciousness. Focused energy for healing an individual, whether present or at a distance, is increased and strengthened when like minded people send healing energy with a specific intention for a specific outcome. Group meditation can also aid in raising the individual's vibratory level and allow one to experience an increased awareness.

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-I am now centered in the knowingness
that the universe is here to support me.
I am supported by LIFE, and I know that I am safe.-

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