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"Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows."
~Henry David Thoreau


Malia Lesavage did a sound healing with me at a time when I felt very run-down from traveling. I had a sore throat and felt like I was getting sicker. As a chronic strep throat sufferer in past years, I was concerned about getting sick. My intention for the sound healing was to clear energy in my throat and bring healing to that area. It was a very peaceful, relaxing experience, but I was uncertain as to what results I would experience, if any. I was amazed when the following day I realized that I didn't have any symptoms anymore and my fatigue and sore throat were gone. In addition, I have been free of strep throat this entire winter season and feel that the sound healing came at an integral time for me. I firmly believe that this healing modality, in partnership with one's intentions, can bring profound healing.
Susie-- Cedarberg, WI.

Malia treated me with a Sound Healing session after having a MRI for my lower back and leg. When I walked in (limped is a more accurate word to describe how I moved) I could hardly put any pressure on my right leg and had shooting pain going all the way down to my foot. It was hard for me to lay down on the table because of lying still and flat on my back during the MRI. Malia had me lay on my side and did an hour Sound Session which was very soothing and relaxing. After she finished, it was hard to move, I felt so comfortable and relaxed. When I finally sat up I was so surprised that the pain I had felt was gone. When I walk out of the treatment room, I was walking normal again. Never hearing of this Sound Healing before I wasn't sure if it would work but was willing to try anything to help with the pain. To my amazement it worked. Malia had told me before the treatment that sound vibrations can change patterns within the body and also change core issues and realities. My doctor thought I would need an operation because of the shape I was in. The next time I saw my Doctor after the Sound Healing, he said that an operation wasn't necessary. What a relief! I know it was the sound healing that made the difference. Since seeing Malia my back has felt good. I drive a truck long distances for a living and it can cause problems after awhile but my back has been fine.
Chuck-- Princeton, WI.

Last summer I was in extreme pain. When I went to see my Doctor, he said that the pain I was experiencing was from kidney stones. He told me that I would have to have an operation because the kidney stones were to big and because of the size the ultrasonic treatment wouldn't work. Malia suggested doing a Sound Healing treatment before I had the operation. During the Sound Healing I felt like there was something that was removed from my stomach area and after the session I felt much better.A week later, I had the operation and the Doctor couldn't find anything. He said he couldn't explain it but there wasn't anything there. I haven't had any problems since then and its been over a year. The sound healing treatment really work for me.
Candy-- Fox Lake, WI.

-My good is always flowing to me and I am open to my good more and more everyday.-
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